We can reproduce them on dark marine or scarlet melton, and from lieutenant to general.
One on stock, Gold on dark marine for lieutenant or captain, with a gray shadow on “buckler

These epaulettes can be equipped with various borders depending on the rank, from lieutenant to colonel … but not from any body anyway, rather the guard and rather close to the Emperor, it is too luxurious for a simple lieutenant of the line.

CAPTAIN OR LIEUTENANT: 5 rows of fine fringes on one side and nothing on the other (against shoulder pads).
– Captain: on the left shoulder an epaulette in metal braid of the buttons, adorned with a fringe with spinach seeds (sequins) and on the right shoulder a back epaulet.
– Lieutenant: epaulette on the right shoulder and the counter-epaulette on the left shoulder.

CHIEF OF BATTALION OR CHIEF D’SCADRON: large twists on one side (also called “spinach broth”) on the left shoulder, on the

MAJOR: large twists on 2 sides (also called “spinach broth”), body of the epaulet in one color and twists of an inverted color (that of the buttons)

COLONEL: large twists on both sides.


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Epaulettes for officer, first empire, type II - The pair