Nice in a collection! Most famous symbol of “grognards”, the infantry of imperial guard.
stemped brass 21 X 16 cm.
Dimensions : 21 X 16 cm

Historical Significance: This plate is inspired by the shako or hat plates worn by the elite Old Guard, a prestigious and renowned military unit in the French army during the First Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte.
Bearskin Shako: The Old Guard was known for its distinctive bearskin shakos, and this plate would typically adorn such headgear, adding an ornate and regal touch.
Brass Material: The use of brass adds durability and a polished appearance to the plate, making it suitable for ceremonial and historical reenactment purposes.
Ornate Design: These plates often feature intricate and decorative patterns or motifs, emphasizing the historical and ceremonial aspects of the accessory.

The “French First Empire Old Guard Bearskin Shako/Hat Plate” in brass is a symbol of prestige and history, reflecting the elite status of the Old Guard within the French military during the First Empire. It is often used in historical reenactments and ceremonies to honor this significant period in military history.


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