The colonists were first introduced to the Hessian mercenaries on the 15th of August 1776 on Statin Island in the colony of New York. Their first battle was coming up. Their first engagement was the battle for Long Island also known as the battle for Brooklyn Heights.

Over the course of the War for Independence, the British Government Leased 30,067 Hessian Mercenaries for just the American Revolution. It worked so well that they were used by lots of different countries. Sometimes the Hessians were on both sides of a war at the same time.

Hessian boot is another well made long lasting leather boot, Steel shank construction. Stacked leather heel, fully lined here are some of the works we used.

References to Hessian boots:  Direct copy from their boots, no editing by me.

Hungarians introduced the hussar boot for military wear.  When it first appeared in London in 1770’s on the feet of the Hessian mercenaries hired by George 111 to fighting the American colonies, it was called the Austrian boot.  Later, the English took to calling it the Hessian boot, the name by which it also became known in America.  In France, a version of the same boot was named the Sonvaroff, after a Russian general.  Whatever name was used, the basic style was a knee-high boot, usually of shiny black leather topped with gold or silver braid.  The center rose to a peak at the front that frequently was decorated with a free- swinging silk tassel.  Worn over tight pantaloons, the boots were first ridiculed by conservative gentlemen who didn’t intend to trade their handsome top boots for them, but they were the height of fashion by the century’s end.


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French Military Hussards Hessian boots