Here are some recommendations that may seem obvious to you, but when in doubt we prefer to tell you too much, than not enough … and if you knew what we sometimes see, or what questions we are asked! This hat has been handcrafted, so that it has this rigidity, we apply a primer with very good mechanical resistance, however, we do not recommend exposing your hat to too much humidity, this could damage it ( risk of deformation, deterioration of the primer). Never put in the washing machine (it seems obvious, but there are people who wanted to dry their cat in the microwave …). Do not approach a strong source of heat (lamp, radiator, iron), risk of shrinkage. Store your hat in a dry place, on a suitable support to avoid any deformation of the shell. If you don’t have a hat rack, store it flat on the rear fender.



Dispatch Time:25 Days

Shipping Via DHL

Delivery Time 5-8 business days

Weight 0.5 kg


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French Bicorne Hat de grenadier