the gold braided border is not a fringe

Obverse: a square light blue field with a gold party type eagle, behind the swastika crossed marshal’s batons. The border is rather complex: from the inside a thin yellow line followed by a broader light blue stripe, in the center of which is a line of yellow laurel leaves and berries, the outer stripe is gold and somewhat narrower than the blue stripe, in each corner a white bordered black Balkenkreuz (type of cross used on aircraft during Nazi period).
Reverse: blue field with an Iron Cross of the 1939 type (with white swastika at center and 1939 in lower arm), the arms of the cross extend to the border, in each of the 4 fields formed a gold Luftwaffe eagle, head towards center of flag, border as in obverse. Used July 1940-February 1941. Illustrated in Davis 1975, p. 103 and [Roger James] Bender, The Luftwaffe, p. 284.
Norman Martin, January 1998

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WW2 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE Standard of the Reichsmarschall 1940-1941 FLAG